Kristovfer (mrkristovfer) wrote,

"I am legand" more like "I am sorry I saw this movie"

Yea yea, no updat for like 5 years and then I pop up with this crap. Well pft lol. I mainly use this journal for posting communities and not blogging anymore. But for those of you interested, everything is fine. Just getting over a cold.... Money is tight as usual, the fams all OK. My mom passed away in july, it still seams unreal. Like I dreamed about her last night and she was there and real and everything was ok. Then I wake up and remember she's gone. My crackhead brother is doing ok, the one who broke his neck in the car accident. he doesn't have any lasting effects from that, just bad decision making in general. The older brother is fine, saw him last month, he's married now. My dad's ok, just lonely and depressed. That's understandable. Christmas doesn't seam like christmas this year. It'll all take some time. The best friend is still teh best friend, haven't hung out much with anyone. Pretty much it's just the same ol dull lazy days waiting for winter to set in, then for summer to come.
If anyone needs anything, just hit me up here or someplace else....Hope everyone is doing ok, and I'll catch ya later. xoxo
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